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What is NWCAM?

The North West Centre for Advanced Manufacturing (NWCAM) is a new trans-regional centre for the research and development of innovative solutions and is funded by the EU’s INTERREG VA Programmes for €8.7m which is managed by the SEUPB.

Catalyst is the lead partner in the delivery of the project.NWCAM links the academic capabilities of Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and West coast of Scotland to develop and deliver, in partnership with industry partners, 16 world leading research projects within the Life and Health Science sector. The collaborative research projects have the potential to deliver global products and processes that can be licensed throughout the world.

The 16 individual Research & Innovation projects span the following Advanced Manufacturing areas:

  • Nano-manufacturing
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Advanced Polymer Products
  • Sustainable Manufacturing

The projects are led by investigators who are world leaders in their respective fields and delivered by 13 post-doctoral researchers and 13 PhD students that are creating innovative solutions for the challenges faced by the industrial partners. The students will dedicate their course of study to these problems and will be intensively trained to become our innovators of tomorrow.


We are proud to celebrate the success and career progression of our NWCAM researchers.

Find out more about the NWCAM Alumni here.


Hear from the NWCAM team and Industry Partners

NWCAM Objectives

  • Increase the level of cross-border collaboration throughout the region eligible for Interreg funding (NI, ROI & West Scotland), focused on Research & Innovation (R&I) for Advanced Manufacturing.
  • Increase the number of Life & Health Sciences sector companies engaged in commercially driven, cross-border Advanced Manufacturing R&I;
  • Further develop the regional economy through the development of new products and/or processes within the Life & Health Sciences Sector; developed as a result of the application of Advanced Manufacturing technologies;
  • Increase the awareness of the potential of Advanced Manufacturing as an enabling technology within the Life & Health Sciences Sector and other sectors key to the Region’s current and future economic success.


For an overview of NWCAM activity please read previous issues of our Ezine:

Life & Health Sciences Industry Survey Report

The North West Centre for Advanced Manufacturing (NWCAM) team based at Catalyst conducted a survey of the Life and Health Sciences industry sector across Northern Ireland, Ireland and Scotland to better understand the sector’s commercial needs and concerns, existing R&D, innovation capabilities and strategies.


A selection of recent publications from some of the NWCAM Academic Partners

  • Developing a plant electrical energy model from historic batch scheduling data – Read here
  • Developments in Large Scale Additive Manufacture – Read here
  • A Review of Power Bed Fusion for Additively Manufactured – Read here
  • A Review of Thermal Modelling for Metal Additive Manufacturing Processes – Read here
  • Bulk modification of poly (lactic acid) by CO2 laser radiations – Read here
  • Identification of utility constraints in a batch manufacturing facility – Read here
  • Identifying highly variable and energy intensive batch manufacturing processes using statistical methodologies – Read here
  • Energy Consumption Profiling – A Case Study in a Batch Manufacturing Facility – Read here



2020 - Year in review


Advanced Manufacturing: Transforming the Future of Life and Health Sciences

Find out more about the conference here.


Professor Alistair McIlhagger Ulster University
Professor Steve Beaumont University of Glasgow
Dr David Tormey Institute of Technology Sligo
Dr Justin Quinn Ulster University
Dr Jim Morrison Letterkenny Institute of Technology
Philip Maguire Catalyst
John Carew Catalyst
Claire McCafferty Catalyst
Dr Oonagh Lynch Catalyst
Chloe McCallan Catalyst
Lynsey Allen Catalyst

Meet the NWCAM Team

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