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The Catalyst Annual Briefing

At the Catalyst Annual Briefing we'll be unveiling our bold new vision to create opportunity for all from world-leading innovation.

The Catalyst Annual Briefing

Catalyst Impact Report

Catalyst commissioned an independent research study carried out by Capaxo and economist Maureen O’Reilly, which assessed the value added to entrepreneurs through Catalyst support and entrepreneurial programmes over the past five years. During the Impact Report session, you’ll find out the growth and economic impact from our initiatives

Catalyst's Strategy

We’ll unveil our new strategy and goals for the next five years that will create substantial benefit for Northern Ireland by prioritising inclusive innovation and enabling more of the population to access opportunities created by innovative industries. Find out how we plan to make this happen.

Impact Report at a glance

£1 - £ 0
Return on investment by Catalyst

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Company headcount increase

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Companies that reported Catalyst was the main driver of starting up

The Catalyst Impact Report 2017-2021

Find out about the growth and economic impact from our initiatives

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