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Generation Innovation

Aims to inform, upskill and empower the young people of this generation to thrive as the next leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs of the future

What is Generation Innovation?

Generation Innovation energises the imaginations and aspirations of young people in Northern Ireland by increasing their knowledge of 21st-century skills and awareness of future careers in innovation.

Generation Innovation Programmes

Our programmes now work in three stages

Stage 1: School Workshop
Stage 2: Impact Day
Stage 3: Work Experience Programme

Generation Innovation Participant

Ben's Story

Generation Innovation Participant

Lauryn Wesemeyer

Generation Innovation Coach

Kate McAllister

Generation Innovation | Workshop

A bespoke high-impact workshop for 5th to Upper 6th Year students.

The workshop will help your students stretch their imagination and begin a journey exploring:

  • An Introduction to Design Thinking
  • Innovation Mindset
  • Upskilling for the future job market
  • Careers in Tech, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Early access to register for the Generation Innovation Work Experience Programme 2022

This lesson can be delivered in a bespoke way to meet your schools’ needs and can take place in-person as a lesson, year group workshop, or even virtually, as well as being shaped to suit your school timings.

Email us to book your FREE Generation Innovation Workshop!


Generation Innovation | Impact Day

Fuel ambition, spark ideas and empower your students through design-thinking.

What is an Impact day?

A one-day, fully immersive design-thinking experience for groups of 50+ students aged 16-18 year olds held onsite at your venue. No need to mobilise, we’ll come to you and take your students on a design-thinking journey that will lead them from identifying a problem, working through several stages to iterate and design a prototype/solution all in the one day.

On this journey, your students will learn important skills at each stage, including user-centred design, working in a team and critical thinking. The impact day will also help foster softer, intangible elements such as empathy, emotional intelligence, and resilience.

What happens on the day?

Our team of design-thinking trainers will come to your venue and will deliver a design sprint, working through several stages of the design-thinking methodology. During the design sprint, there will be creative icebreakers and fun games to stimulate ideas and keep the energy alive.


Understanding the user base and ‘consumer’, how they interact with the world/system or product, and understanding their needs and behaviours.


Together each team will work together to define a problem and then design solution for it. This could even be applied to improving something within your everyday life, asking the question ‘How might we…?


Our team will work with your students in different groups and walk them through an ideation phase where they can start to design and develop a solution for the defined problem. Here, students will contribute ideas, challenge assumptions, and work together as a team to develop a solution.


At the end of the day each team will present their solution to the group in a very welcoming and engaging environment.

At the end of the design sprint, students will become part of the Generation Innovation community, and will be given branded tokens and merchandise to remember the experience alongside resources to continue their journey

What will it cost?

Absolutely nothing, this is a fully funded programme with no cost to you; all we need is a dedicated space and time to deliver the Impact Day.

Email us to book your FREE Generation Innovation Impact Day!


Generation Innovation | Work Experience Programme

The Work Experience Programme is for ambitious 17-18 year olds interested in upskilling for the jobs of the future. Students receive Design Thinking training over the course of five days, learning how to work as part of a new team made up of students from across Northern Ireland. The new skills are then put to the test to solve a company challenge, developing a solution before pitching it to the partner company and their fellow students.

Delivered in-person, students will improve skills such as communication, team building, resilience, problem-solving and creativity.

Over the five days of programme, students are guaranteed to learn in a fun, energetic and highly engaging way that will inspire and empower them for the future.

Why Attend Generation Innovation?

Benefits of attending

Communication• Teambuilding• Emotional Resilience• Problem Solving• Creativity • Presentation• Empathy• User-centered design

Totally Free to Attend

What's Included

  • Hosted in-person

  • Access to exciting and innovative companies across Northern Ireland

  • Free Generation Innovation merchandise including our limited edition hoodie

  • Free to attend

  • Access to the Catalyst School Alumni network to extend your tribe

  • Students build new friendships and connections beyond their networkStudents are guaranteed to learn in a fun, energetic and highly engaging way that’ll inspire and empower them for the future.


What Students Can Gain Over Their Work Experience

Hosted In-person

What's Included

  • Communication Skills

  • Teambuilding

  • Build Emotional Resilience

  • Learn Problem-Solving Skills

  • Creativity

  • Presentation and Pitching Skills

  • User-centred Design

  • Design-led Thinking Skills

Register your interest for the 2022 Work Experience Programme!


The Work Experience Programme within Generation Innovation showed me how to accept others' ideas and appreciate their skillsets. I got to experience what it was like to solve a real challenge, present to a real company and work in a professional environment, something many work experience programmes do not offer. I have met so many new people and thoroughly enjoyed the chance to roll my sleeves up and get stuck in!

Rose Templeton, Generation Innovation Alumni Student

Contact the team

If you have any queries, don't hesitate to get in touch

Email the team here

Steering Team

Judith Camblin Catalyst
Aimee Clint Generation Innovation Alumni
Rose Templeton Generation Innovation Alumni
Declan Murray St Joseph's High School, Newry
Catriona McGirr Bank of Ireland
Carol Fitzsimmons Young Enterprise
Chris Shannon Ulster University
Stephen Dallas Bytes
Johnny Parkes Trov
Brian Shevlin Allstate
Richard Kirk Workplus
Andrew Sterling Deloitte
Francesca Morelli Queen's University Belfast
Irvine Abraham Northern Regional College

Meet the Generation Innovation Team

Judith Camblin

Programme Manager

Carla McErlean

Carla McErlean

GI Project Lead

Carolyn Halferty

Carolyn Halferty

GI Project Administrator

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