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A flexible, personalised mentoring programme for entrepreneurs ready to scale their start-up and raise investment.

What is Springboard?

Springboard is a flexible, personalised mentoring programme for entrepreneurs ready to scale their start-up and raise investment. Leveraging the ‘been there- done that’ experience of and Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIRs) and mentors, Springboard surrounds you with a network of critical friends who stress-test your product idea and business model, increasing your company’s resilience and accelerating your path to success.

Who should apply for Springboard?

The programme is suited to those who have developed/developing a product/solution and are engaging with customers. We want to help you win more customers and/or raise investment. The programme is sector agnostic and is open to entrepreneurs who are passionate, ambitious and coachable.

Springboard Statistics Speak Volumes

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What to expect

APPLY – The programme is evergreen so apply at anytime!

CALL – Once the application has been submitted, the Springboard team will be in touch to understand a bit more about your business and the support you require.

INTAKE PANEL – This decides whether Springboard is suitable or not for your company.

KICK OFF MEETING – After assigning EIRs to your company, as a team we will agree the gaps in your business that need most focus and what success will look like at the end of the programme.

WORK WITH EIRS AND MENTORS – You will work with your EIRs, diving into areas like your go to market strategy, unit economics and pitching. We will also link you with other mentors to support you where other obstacles are in your way.

PITCH TO SPECIALISED PANELS – A chance to hone your story, you will pitch to domain experts, customers and investors and receive feedback on areas of improvement.

JOIN CATALYST COMMUNITY – We want to support you as you continue to grow.

Why Springboard?

TAILORED – Springboard focuses on the support you need now and delivers a process and advice that works around the entrepreneur.

CHALLENGE – Springboard provides a network of Critical Friends who stress-test your product idea, helping you to refine the proposition and avoid costly mistakes. You get out what you put in!

SUPPORT – Our approach is uncompromising, our support is unconditional. Springboard leverages the collective knowledge of a unique network in an open, nurturing environment.

Springboard Perks

Access to Catalyst meeting spaces
Access to Catalyst Network and Partners
Startup Perks, incl. AWS and Google credits

Springboard and the support from the wider Catalyst team have been invaluable to us at Cloudsmith. The program highlights the differences between building a product and building a differentiated business. It was amazing to be able to leverage the collective knowledge of a varied network of entrepreneurs. It put us on a path to growth and external investment.

Alan Carson, CEO at Cloudsmith

As a solo founder, Springboard really helped me focus on the essential skills required for a startup business like financials, forecasting, marketing, and Go-To-Market strategy. The Springboard team and mentors were a great help to me with the CivicDollars journey and I would highly recommend any startup or scale-up company to apply for the Catalyst Springboard programme.

Stephen McPeake, Founder at CivicDollars


Springboard Alumni

Gareth Neill

Springboard EIR (Entrepreneur in residence)

Springboard recruitment is coming soon—stay tuned for updates!

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