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Season 1 Ep 1 - Steve Orr - CEO, Catalyst

Learn about Steve's journey from Silicon Valley during the dotcom/dotbomb era back to Belfast as CEO of Catalyst and hear about his mission for innovation in Northern Ireland.

Season 1 Ep 2 - The Co-founders Series - Ryan O'Reilly, Network Fit

Listen in to Ryan’s story, Co-Founders 2021 graduate and Co-founder of Network Fit, an all-in-one health and fitness platform dedicated to providing a searchable network of local gyms and an easy-to-use booking system with benefits for both users and small gym owners.

Season 1 Ep 3 - The Co-founders Series - Sinead Lynch, Ruby's App

Sinead Lynch, a Co-Founders 2020 graduate and co-founder of Ruby’s Fitness App, joins us in EP 3 to discuss her innovative platform that provides and promotes specialised exercise and wellbeing programmes to children and adults with additional needs.

Season 1 Ep 4 - The Co-founders Series - Conan Bradley, BioLiberty

Conan Bradley from BioLiberty joins us to discuss his company’s aim to empower every human to live a longer independent life by providing assistive robotics and rehabilitative technologies. BioLiberty is a medical device company with an aim to bridge the gap between hand weakness and independent living. In the UK, 2.5 million people suffer from hand weakness which can be a result of many problems including Arthritis, MS, MND, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Stroke.

Season 1 Ep 5 - The Co-founders Series - Tara Nicholas, Mind-Mapper

Tara Nicholas from Mind-Mapper, a Fitbit for mental health tracking within the field of talk-based therapies, joins us to discuss the neuro-tech market, where Mind-Mapper fits in, finding your perfect co-founder and the power of data to drive research into mental health and wellbeing.

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