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On May 11th this year, the Department for The Economy published the ’10X Economy – An Economic Vision For A Decade Of Innovation’ which set out the Department’s economic vision that will encourage greater collaboration and innovation to deliver a ten times better economy for the benefit of all in Northern Ireland. A core focus of this strategy is to prioritise Technologies and Clusters (HealthTech, GreenTech and FinTech) where NI can lead the world again.  The Catalyst Innovation Community sits right at the heart of this key focus. On June 30th 2021, we held an interactive session with key decision makers and the Catalyst Community to discuss the 10X Economy Vision and share feedback, suggestions and insights from the tech community.

The Panel

Read the 10X Economy Vision Document

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10x Economy Vision - Welcome

Our facilitator Hannah Cummings sets the scene and welcomes our guests.

In this segment, hear from Elaine Smyth our Director of Innovation Community who explains why we held this event.

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10x Economy Vision - Paul Grocott Presentation

Paul Grocott, Policy advisor from the Department For The Economy and author of the 10 x Economy Vision presents the vision and what it means for the NI Economy.

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10x Economy Vision - Panel Discussion

Our panel discusses the 10 x Economy Vision with questions from guests.


Paul Grocott, Policy Advisor, Department For The Economy
Mary Rose Stalker, Chair, Invest NI
Steve Orr, CEO, Catalyst

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10x Economy Vision - Breakout Feedback and Close

Feedback from the facilitated breakout groups was summarised by the Catalyst team and questions were put to the Panel.

Breakout 1

Breakout 2

Breakout 3

Notes from unrecorded breakouts

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