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Achieving Net Zero at Catalyst

Learn how we plan to reach net zero emissions and energy consumption across our hubs by 2040.

In 2021 Catalyst committed to further reduce our carbon footprint in our goal to achieve a Carbon Net Zero rating by 2040.

Driving change to address economic, social and environmental challenges is high on everyone’s agenda and this is no different at Catalyst. From fostering positive workplaces, to achieving net zero, tackling climate change and nurturing environmental regeneration; change is needed.

Good intentions don’t fuel change, but actions do and at Catalyst, we have been ahead of the game in our approach and practices to service our existing buildings, plan for new ones, and upgrade infrastructure with more efficient and sustainable technology as they evolve. To date we are delighted to achieve a Carbon output across our property portfolio that is 3 times lower (8.89kg CO2/m2.) than the European Environment Agency’s Benchmark (27.592kg CO2 /m2). But, there is more work to do and more can be done to build a more sustainable future for all to thrive in, and we all have our part to play in this.

Read about our commitment to achieve carbon neutrality below and learn about our policies and approaches that will help us reach carbon neutrality by the year 2040.

As members of the Catalyst community, we value your input and actions that contribute to our goals and look forward to collaborating with you for your own carbon and energy consumption initiatives. This policy is just the start, and we invite you to read our policy and soon, we will arrange a meeting with you to discuss our strategies and hear your suggestions and feedback.

Speak to our team and learn how we can help with your own net zero initiatives

Mervyn Watley

Mervyn Watley

Director of Property and Community

Declan McCaffrey

Declan McCaffrey

Head of Facilities

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