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Electric Vehicle Charging at Catalyst

Electric vehicle charging points are now available at all Catalyst Hubs.

As a part of our Green Energy initiatives and Sustainable Travel policy we have 30 newly installed Electronic vehicle charging points across at all Catalyst Innovation Hubs across Northern Ireland . We have partnered with ChargePoint to make it easy for you to pay for charging your vehicle.

Tariffs for EV Charging at Catalyst


EV tariff is 45p/kWh

Onsite campus members will be able to use a code through the Catalyst App which will give a 20% discount reducing the tariff for onsite campus members to 36p/kWh

There will be 2 ways to pay:

Option 1 – Sign up for the Catalyst App (only for onsite campus members to provide card details which will give a 20% discount code); just search for ‘Catalyst Community’ in your app store.

Option 2 – Pay at the EV station using contactless payment.

Standing Charges Apply

£5 per hour standing fee after 2 hours for 22kW
£2 per hour standing fee after 5 hours for 7kW

To avoid standing charges you must relocate your car to a regular parking space once charging is complete.

Charging Duration

Car charging times vary depending on size of battery in car, but typical examples are below:

22kW Chargers-  will typically charge in around 2 hours to full charge (based on a 52kWh battery in your vehicle)

7kW Chargers – will typically charge in 7 Hours to full charge (based on a 52kWh battery in your vehicle)


EV Charging locations

Locations to charge your electric vehicle at our Innovation Campuses

The Innovation Centre - Belfast

Catalyst Concourse - Belfast

The Innovation Centre - Derry~Londonderry

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about EV Charging

  • Which EV Charging Company do you use for Charging?

    ChargePoint is the company Catalyst have decided to use, they are a global company with a great reputation, they have installed various EV Points throughout the UK and Ireland.

  • How do I start a charge at Station?

    There is three ways to start a charge – remember to plug in your charging cable that comes with your vehicles to both ends before starting a charge

    1. Tap your phone (signed in to the ChargePoint app) on the station
    2. Tap your Chargepoint card on the station
    3. Tap the orange “Start Charge” button in the station details page in the mobile app


  • Does ChargePoint have an app, or do I use my bank card direct at machine?

    Both options are available to users, we recommend if an onsite member of the Community you download the Catalyst app (Search for Catalyst Community in your app store) and sign up as this will get you access to 20% discount available on tariff.  Onsite members of the Community will be considered as someone who has been issued an access pass or registered on our security system.  You can also pay directly using your bank card at the machine (contactless only).

  • How do I avail of the 20% discount as an onsite member of the Community?

    Once you have signed up to our Catalyst App you will navigate to the Electric Car Charging section where you will have access to the discount code, you will use this code when signing up to the ChargePoint app to apply your discount.  Once you have applied this on ChargePoint App it will go to a member of our team to verify and approve you as a discounted user.

  • Do I need to bring my own cable or is there tethered options available?

    We only have untethered options available meaning you need to bring along the Charging cable which came with your car.

  • How do I report a fault with any of the Charging Stations?

    You can report any faults through the Catalyst App which will issue you a ticket reference so you can track any issues you raise

  • Why is there a Standing Charge?

    Yes, to be fair to all our users we have implemented an overstay charge to ensure people move vehicles when charging is complete so others can use, this is to ensure people do not park in an EV space all day.

  • Will I have to enter my Bank Details?

    You will have to register your Bank Details when you create a free ChargePoint app to use the Charging Stations, alternatively you can use your bank card (contactless only) directly at the Charging Stations but will be unable to avail of the discount if a member of the onsite Community

Need to learn more about EV at Catalyst?

Speak to our team

Declan McCaffrey

Declan McCaffrey

Head of Facilities

Niamh Griffin

Niamh Griffin

Head of Community

Louise Cruickshank

Louise Cruickshank

Community Lead

Mervyn Watley

Mervyn Watley

Director of Property and Community

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