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Way to Scale Bootcamp

The programme that supports transformation of your business growth strategy to deliver ambitious scaling objectives.


Catalyst’s Way to Scale (W2S) has already supported the transformation of 20 Northern Ireland, innovation driven companies through substantial revenue and staff growth. The fundamental barriers for high growth potential, export-oriented companies to scale originate in understanding your core, creating a winning market frame and developing a team that can deliver your ambition.  Utilising Catalyst’s experienced network and proven training professionals from MIT and Northern Ireland, the W2S Academy is designed to support another group of ambitious, innovation driven entrepreneurs to crack £10 million of revenue.


You’re a CEO, leading an innovation driven, high growth potential company already generating sales revenue, prior to April 1st 2021 (revenues of £500k or equivalent per year) and would like to challenge your “scaling strategy” to deliver on your ambition, on time and within budget.  You are up for some transformational, challenging, thought provoking and practical training from some of the world’s most successful, global business professionals.


Four 90-minute, morning training and workshop sessions over one week (via Zoom) that will begin to transform your business (approximately six hours of formal interaction). Thanks to the support of our partners, Belfast City Council and Catalyst, the total Bootcamp programme will cost £95 per company (CEO and two senior team members). Subsequently, you will be eligible for the full Way to Scale Programme that comprises three 1-week, intensive and practical training and workshop modules that will transform your business. The Way to Scale Programme runs January to March 2022 between MIT (in Cambridge MA), Belfast and Boston.


  • Defendable core and antifragile business growth strategy,
  • Robust go-to-market strategy, battle hardened, that can deliver significant scale,
  • Elevated confidence in market positioning, team dynamic and the ability to deliver,
  • Reduced business risk.


The Bootcamp will take place across three days on the 23rd, 24th and 27th September via Zoom.

  • Session 1: Market Frame [Thursday 23rd September | 9:30am – 11am] – Profile your customer persona, develop a market frame and powerful messages that drive empathy.
  • Session 2-3: The Core [Friday 24th September | 1:30pm – 3pm and 3.15pm – 4.45pm] – Quantify your value proposition and identify what and how to deliver benefits that your customers value, with much greater effectiveness than anyone else.
  • Session 4: The Team [Monday 27th September | 9.30am – 11am] – Understand your team dynamics and how to build a team that can deliver.

    Applications are now closed for the Way to Scale Bootcamp


Bill Aulet

Bill is changing the way entrepreneurship is understood and practiced around the world. He has over 25 years of business success, first at IBM and then as a three-time entrepreneur. He has directly created hundreds of millions of dollars in shareholder value in his companies and raised well over $100M in funding. Bill has degrees from both Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and over the past seven years has been responsible for leading the development of entrepreneurship education across MIT. He is an award-winning author, through his international bestselling book, The Disciplined Entrepreneur

Mark Faulkner

Mark is a highly motivated and enthusiastic facilitator with over eighteen years’ practical experience in providing training, facilitation and coaching services to organisations throughout the UK and Ireland. Mark has worked with a vast number of organisations to provide assistance in leadership, high performance team working, innovation, business development, strategic planning and organisational change.

John Knapton

John is an accredited executive coach and Chartered Director, with 30+ years’ experience in entrepreneurship, international business development, sales & marketing.
His experience encompasses successfully leading growth within start-ups to Fortune500 companies, worked globally with tech market leaders such as Roper Technologies (USA), apt-X (UK), Andor (UK), Wearnes Cambion (Singapore), and Biznet (USA). John has also developed creative projects with innovators Bell Labs and Disney. As director of Growth & Scaling at Catalyst, John led the team that challenges and supports entrepreneurs to transition from innovation through commercialisation to significant scale.

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