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INVENT – Julie Gray, Grays Clip

Tell me about you and your product?

Grays Clip has developed a non-conductive staple for securing electrical cables to wooden structures. It’s a product invented by founder Davy Gray to speed up the process of wiring properties. This product is a game-changer because all other cable staples contain metal, which conducts electricity and therefore cannot be used with 240v cables.

When did you enter Invent? 

2018 overall Winners

What category were you in? 


What did Invent do for you?

Participating in Invent helped us to refine our business plan and slide deck which helped us focus on where we were going as a business and how we were going to get there. In a way, it propelled our planning far further forward than it would have been without Invent. This combined with the experience gained pitching to an audience was very valuable for us when we pitched on Dragons’ Den recently. We firmly believe the experience of Invent helped us do well on the Den.

How has your product changed/ developed since your time in Invent?

We now have our working prototype of the stapler which we’ve been able to do some testing with and which we were able to let Dragons Deborah Meaden and Sara Davies try out. The pre-production model is due out soon for beta testing.

What’s next for you?

Since being on Dragons’ Den, we’ve been inundated with some very exciting offers which we’re working through at the moment. So watch this space!

Why would you recommend Invent?

Invent is more than a pitching competition. It’s a process that helps you as a founder identify what potential your invention has and guides you through the process of identifying how you can realise that potential.

To learn more about INVENT, visit our event page here