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INVENT – Brendan Digney, Machine Eye

Brendan Digney – Machine Eye  

Our agricultural, and industrial sectors are some of the most dangerous workplaces we have today. Large machines, high workloads and challenging conditions lead to often lead to serious, sometimes fatal accidents.

At the same time, we are moving towards a more autonomous world, with these same sectors being a lot closer to full automation than say, general transport. At Machine Eye, we use advanced sensing and algorithms to provide real-time perception around both existing operator-controlled machines, and newly developed autonomously guided vehicles (AGVs) across our agricultural and industrial sectors, leveraging the power of AI to work co-operatively with operators, providing a safer workplace for all-around these machines.

When did you enter Invent? 

We entered Invent in 2018

What category were you in? 

We were in the electronics category.

What did Invent do for you?

Invent give us a platform to grow from, through industry connections, tailored support and recognition that we had a viable product. We were able to use Invent as a platform to reach further and continue our growth and development towards where we are today.

How has your product changed/ developed since your time in Invent?

A LOT! That would be an interview in itself, but we’re continuously evolving our product to meet customer needs, adapt to changing technology and ensure we’re delivering a world-class system.

What’s next for you?

We’re currently part of Propel, run by IgniteNI. We’ve some very existing things planned for the coming months.

Why would you recommend Invent?

Invent is more than a competition – the workshops and mentoring that come with it are invaluable, as well as the exposure to the start-up eco-system in Belfast and further afield. It’s hard to put a value on the power of having contacts – but Invent is something that provides these in abundance. For someone who has an idea that is ready to be stress-tested, and taken forward, Invest is the perfect platform to do this.