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Inbound Investors 2021

Your Opportunity to be at the Deal Table of 80+ Funders

About Inbound Investors?

In 2019 Catalyst’s NI Deal Day attracted 40 non-NI Venture Capital companies to Belfast and scored very highly on their feedback. A recent poll of potential UK attendees showed 84% are keen to fly to Belfast this October and explore opportunities with funding-seeking companies. This year, Inbound Investors (the new iteration of Deal Day) will happen on 19th/20th October and is a great opportunity to meet the largest number of funders ever to come to NI and accelerate your path to securing potential funding. Inbound Investors will host external Venture Capitalists, Family Offices and Syndicates, a growing number of whom have already invested in NI companies. They’ll all be here in Belfast, together primed to explore in investable opportunities. They are interested not just in companies raising now, but also in building relationships towards future potential rounds.

How it works

• You will meet 1:1 with matched funders
• Potentially you may pitch to them as well
• Your company summary will be read by all attending funders who can request to meet you

This year Catalyst is working closely with all of the key players in the NI ecosystem in order to:

• To make a lasting connection with as many funders as possible. To give them a sense of the NI ecosystem, opportunities and culture which generate the good investment deals in NI
• To make a significant difference to as many NI companies funding journeys (now and in the future) as possible
• To act as a launchpad for ongoing work to keep NI companies on funders’ radar

The interests of the visiting funders include:

• Early stage specialised SEIS funds (£150–£300k)
• Early-stage investors in pre-revenue companies (£500k+)
• Growth investors looking to expand companies with £1m revenue (£ millions)
• Specialists in media, consumer, female founded, clean tech, trans- Atlantic, social impact, health and life science, and many more

The Process

• Apply via our short registration form which will take 10 minutes max! Any innovation-based company can apply, not just those at or working with Catalyst
• Assessment and possible meeting to understand your company
• Short rehearsal if selected for a 3 minute pitch
• Preparation of a one-page summary to a standard format
• Turn up on 19/20th October and meet your matched funders

The Stats

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Registration has now closed for Inbound Investors 2021

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