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What we do

Catalyst matches the right sources of money to the best companies in Northern Ireland

We provide intelligent and highly focused sources of fund-matching for battle-hardened, high growth-potential innovation companies, for graduates from Catalyst’s Springboard and Way to Scale programmes and for suitable companies referred to us by trusted sources who will go through a suitability test.

Once accepted into the process, the individual company’s funding journey will be profiled and help provided to prepare the company for funding, pitches and due diligence.

The matching process is personalised to each participant company. A relatively small number of potentially well-aligned funding sources will be agreed and personally approached, resulting in a select number of robust engagements. Feedback from each engagement supports a continuous fine-tuning process.

Ultimately it is always up to the participant company and funding source to agree and finalise a deal. Catalyst can provide input based on its extensive experience, but it does not provide advice.

With the level of ambition involved, companies will normally be seeking to raise £500K+.

Types of Funding

High-potential companies have rapid access to over 150 sources of funding

These funders are attracted by the quality of the NI companies and the efficiency of the matching process. This intelligent, highly focused fund-matching means that they will only see companies which exactly match their investment criteria. This saves time and helps build the trust and investment relationships on which Catalyst is based.

  • Venture Capitalists
  • Institutional Funds
  • Family Offices
  • Syndicates
  • Investing Groups
  • Serious individual Investors

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Meeting our Inbound Investors team

Paul Clancy

Paul Clancy

Programme Manager

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