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Monthly meet ups exploring how our everyday lives are being disrupted by accelerations in technology.

What Is 4IRC?

The 4th Industrial Revolution Challenge is an annual series of monthly discussions held across Northern Ireland encouraging participants to learn together how all areas of our lives such as education, healthcare, government and finance are being disrupted by accelerations in AI, automation, blockchain and other technologies.

Who should attend 4IRC?

4IRC is for anyone who is curious, and eager to discuss, explore and learn.Everyone is welcome to attend the events, led by our panels of expert contributors from a range of organisations and professional backgrounds.

Register your interest in 4IRC Shapers by contacting Elaine Smyth at or 07711762674.

Why 4IRC?

Each year we invite the restlessly curious from our community to join the 4IRC Shapers. Those who have demonstrated brilliance in their field to explore the biggest questions facing society today. Together, the 4IRC Shapers define the key questions from the 4th Industrial Revolution and design the platform from which anyone can learn while meeting other people who share that curiosity.

4IRC Shapers will identify the key questions, working collaboratively in multi-disciplinary Shaper teams you will identify the key questions and set the challenges for the year, topics of highest priority to Northern Ireland. Each Shaper will join one team and be responsible for the production of that challenge event in a multi-disciplinary team of Shapers.

You will join and develop relationships with a diverse network of people that will be of value to you for the rest of your career. 4IRC Shapers will be recognised for their contribution. 4IRC Shapers will play a key role in ensuring audiences in Northern Ireland are better informed about the 4th Industrial Revolution and better connected.

Contact Information

Name: Elaine Smyth


Tel: 07711762674

4IRC Steering Team

Stevie Gallagher


Peter Devine

Ulster University

Gerard McStravick

Danske Bank

Dave Anderson

Liberty IT

Rachael Andrew

Forde Campbell

Joanne Graham


Niamh Griffin

Bank of Ireland UK

Mark Loughran


What 4IRC Alumni Say

“I enjoy working with the other Catalyst, who are just as curious about 4IRC technologies and how they can affect people & business in NI and beyond. The Design Thinking process is fun, thought-provoking and energising! The high quality events are interactive and accessible to anyone with an interest. It's an all-round positive experience that thoroughly recommend!”

Carrie Hanna

Catalyst Shaper