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Co-Founders 101: Information Event

Date: November 30, 2022

Location: Online

Hosted by the Co-Founders team, this session will provide you with all the essential information you need to know about the Co-Founders 2023 programme, covering everything from the application process and team formation to the key insights and learnings you’ll take from the programme.


Guest speakers:

Patricia Kelpie, Co-Founder/CEO at Star 3 Group Ltd, an educational tool for learning disabled and Autistic children, highly effective, patent pending, launching soon.

  • Co-Founder’s POC Grant Winner 2021
  • Techstart Concept Plus Grant Winner 2022


Jack Fullerton and Peter Gillan, Co-Founders at Atlas Smart technologies

  • Student INVENT 2021 winner
  • Winner of the £5k Engineers in Business Startup ‘Champion of Champions Enterprise Award’

Atlas Smart Technologies’ SmartBell is a smartphone-controlled dumbbell that offers 26 weight levels, ten more than the current market leader. Alongside this, goes the Stronger Mobile, a gamified workout tracking app. Stronger and the SmartBell combine to give a full personal training experience.


Additional speakers to be confirmed.


What is Co-Founders?

Co-Founders is a one-night-a-week programme for anyone who wants to be a co-founder in a start-up team and has the desire to explore the viability of a business idea.

This year, the programme is also focusing on 3 of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals of Fintech, Greentech, and Health and Life Sciences – if you are interested in working on an idea that relates to one of these Goals, please flag this on your application.


What you’ll get out of it:

• Find other co-founders and form a start-up

• Upskill with weekly workshops and access to industry experts

• Grow your network

• Build your confidence and resilience + learn how to pitch

• Access the best funding opportunities


Who is Co-Founders for?

Co-Founders is open to everyone. All you need is an idea for a high-growth start-up or a skillset you can use to help one.


Information event:

When: Wednesday 9th November | 13.00

Where: Online

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