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Design Hub

The Design Hub is a pilot service, to help start up teams prototype and test ideas.

What is the Design Hub?

The Design Hub is intended to be rapid and iterative, so teams will come through the cycle several times, testing and pivoting as they learn from real user feedback from their prototypes to help develop a user centred, tested idea that is more refined and ready to push forward with. Teams will have the support of a design coach to guide them along the way and will be connected to appropriate suppliers to design and build prototypes for them.

Who are we looking for?

We’re recruiting for Designers / Suppliers who can take the concept from the coach and team and build a minimum viable prototype (quickly) for the teams to test and refine. Suppliers may or may not receive business but they will have opportunities sent to them and we want to make it as easy as possible to respond and potentially win the business if you can support teams quickly. This is a paid opportunity and you will be given a project outline with clear tasks and deliverables.


Complete our online form to help us capture your skillsets and info. No commitment at all just yet.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this a paid opportunity?

    Yes, you will be paid!

  • I don't have a 3D printer!

    You don’t need one! You’ll be designing a minimum viable product prototype and either manufacture it in house or arrange outsourced manufacture.

  • Do I have to take on every piece of work given?

    No! We will send work opportunities your way and you can accept or not as your availability or interest suits.

General Enquiries

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